Master’s Welcome

Greetings Brethren!

This year promises to be a very special year at St George’s Lodge #6 in Rotterdam, NY. We have much planned in special discussion topics, observances, and of course, the degrees we are planning throughout the Masonic year. When you get an opportunity, take the time to scroll though the Trestleboard. For example, in October, we are providing a discussion on The Point Within a Circle, led by our Wardens. In November, we are giving Thanks and are having a discussion of the concept of being thankful. In January, we are having our Table Lodge. This is followed by a discussion of the Prince Hall Masonry by James Carr in February. And of course, we will be going back to the Lodge of Sorrow in March. But there is so much more in between these dates.

If you haven’t made a trip to St George’s Lodge in a while, why not come back? Share in the brotherhood and the discussions of Free Masonry! Enjoy the fraternal togetherness we have shared ever since we were a Colonial lodge.

Finally, If I can ever assist you in any way, please reach out to me.

Thank you and may all of you have a blessed year!


Darrell C. Pinckney :.

Master, St George’s Lodge #6



Men who are interested in Masonry or joining St. George’s Lodge are encouraged to email the lodge at Information”at”stgeorgeslodge”dot”org to setup a meeting with one of our Brothers.

“A man cannot go very far in Freemasonry without discovering that much of it’s past continues to live in it’s present and that we do many things in our Lodges precisely because Masons have been doing them for generations. To learn something about Masonic history, therefore, is to learn something about Masonry as it now exists. Every Mason and every Lodge should recall periodically the history of the craft, review the landmarks and traditions of the fraternity, and be reminded of individual achievements. We are now in the 242nd year since the founding of St. George’s Lodge and the establishment of Freemasonry in Schenectady, New York.”

– W:. Chad J. Pezzano

“A people indifferent to the landmarks of it’s past will not long retain it’s capacity to achieve an honored future”-JUSTICE SAMUEL NULL